Research AI

Use applied research to develop powerful AI solutions and innovatively deploy them to solve complex and emerging problems.

Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence

Research AI allows us to accelerate research through collaboration with like-minded institutions and individuals to develop new use cases and proof-of-concept for exponential business and technological impact.

Building Blocks

IOT & Edge Computing

With Edge computing and IoT, we enable data processing and analytics near data source leading to faster insights and enhanced data security


Zensar’s proprietary conversation bots leveraging NLP with ALP Integration

Vision AI

Vision AI helps in object physical feature identification thereby enabling property analysis for risk assessment and smart document processing.


Predicting Bitcoin price with deep learning

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that is built on blockchain is highly susceptible to market forces and hence its prices are highly volatile. Therefore it is crucial for investors to track its prices to help them invest or sell at the right time. Deep learning, a subset of machine learning, can help in predicting Bitcoin prices and help in making investors take informed decisions. Know More

Living AI for automation

Zensar’s living AI backed automation can help in optimizing customer databases, customer personalization, eliminating duplicate payments etc. Know More

Revolutionizing business using computer vision

Computer vision enables computers to analyze visuals and understand high level understanding from images or videos for better efficacy. It has wide applications in different verticals like retail, banking and manufacturing. Know More