Covering Covid-19 Business Support

Introducing flexible business solutions to help enterprises in their time of need

The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has the potential to impact business growth for most industries, in a way that is unprecedented. With over 50 years of supporting customers through ups and downs, Zensar announces the launch of its Covid-19 Business Support package for Enterprises. The Zensar Enterprise Resiliency Framework (ZERF) enables flexible business solutions to help enterprises mitigate business impact through immediate cost take out, prepare for expedited recovery post normalization and build a more robust enterprise in the long term.

Solutions like ZERF is our way to show support to our customers in this unprecedented time of need. Download the information booklet to find out more or speak to your Zensar representative today.


Zensar’s Enterprise Resiliency Framework - Explained

ZERF is a packaged guide for our customers to identify their zones of impact by proactively mapping their expected turnover and priorities over the next 12 – 18 months. Once our experts have figured out the business growth trajectory, they will work with you to define a business support package that help you flatten the troughs and steepen the peaks; i.e. provide relief now and help your business recover faster. This is implemented through proven cost take out and technology acceleration solutions. Our experts will look at levers such flexible financial solutions, excess resource capacity, shared services leverage, cloud/SaaS adoption and a portfolio of cutting- edge solution accelerators to help you save cost and keep your business humming.

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Introducing ZenTrust and ZenCare
Based on Zensar's Enterprise Resiliency Framework


Helping you navigate through the difficult times through our uniquely crafted technology solutions to reduce IT cost immediately.

With the Covid outbreak it becomes critical that your enterprise applications keep running to ensure business continuity. In many cases business applications will also need to be migrated and optimized for this new way of working. Digital technologies will play a critical role in automating customer interfaces and securing applications amongst various users within the enterprise. Partner with us to reduce cost with our portfolio of ready-to-use solutions and ensure agility and productivity to assist your business and IT KPIs in these times.

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Safeguard your workforce, stabilize your
operations and deliver superior experience.

The future of work has changed forever! Among the biggest priorities for businesses right now, is to safeguard their workforce and continue servicing their customers without compromising on performance, security and experience. We extend a helping hand through our remote productivity solution ZenCare. It empowers end users with a virtual workplace and collaboration tools in a secured environment. We do this without making any major changes to the existing IT infrastructure. Talk to one of our 100+ SMEs today.

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How can we help you?

Zensar is committed to stand by our customers during this unprecedented time. We are investing in making ourselves more robust, and our service offerings more relevant to you, in your time of need. We are here to listen to your challenges and present solutions that you can implement today to prepare for the future.
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