Secure your digital assets in the constantly evolving and expanding threat landscape that accompany new digital technologies

Expanding digital business and new ways of working are driving the adoption of digital technologies at an accelerated rate with internet-scale applications, perimeter less infrastructure and omnichannel access.Security teams find it hard to keep pace with the expanding attack surface and compliance needs, making organizations vulnerable to increased risk of data breaches, hacking, ransomware, identity theft, identity fraud and regulatory penalties.Zensar’s key differentiator and unique value proposition bring together innovative next-gen security solutions with Intelligent and Adaptive Digital Security platforms, frameworks and systems in a cohesive, integrated package to provide a 360-degree view of security threats and attacks. This enables decisive decision making and automated response for real-time threat detection, prevention, containment and mitigation for the organization’s digital assets.

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Up to 35% decrease in time to detect malware

Up to 30% savings in monitoring and remediation

One-click compliance and regulatory reports

200+ Cyber defense experts

24x7 Real-time global monitoring

Outcome-based cost models

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