Transformational Agility | Operational Efficiency | Business Uptime

The Vinci™ is an integrated managed service AIOps platform powered by automation, orchestration, AI/ML and NLP. It has originated from Zensar’s next-generation unified IT model, bringing agility and efficiency to the management of operational and transformational activities. It utilizes ML for faster provisioning and comes with automated functionality, accommodating rapid changes in the infrastructure and operations environment. Through this diagnostic approach, it identifies key TCO levers and immediate areas in IT operations where automation can help reduce the cost by upto 70%. The Vinci™ delivers improvements of up to 65% in response to business needs and ensures upto 45% productivity improvements.

The Vinci? Service Attributes

What sets us apart

Next Gen TOM

Automation First Approach

Broad Technology coverage for monitoring

Global NOCs

Unmatched Service Uptime

Flexible pricing models